derivative operator is unbounded in the sup norm

Consider C([-1,1]) the vector space of functions with derivativesPlanetmathPlanetmath or arbitrary order on the set [-1,1].

This space admits a norm called the supremum normMathworldPlanetmath given by


This norm makes this vector space into a metric space.

We claim that the derivative operatorMathworldPlanetmath D:(Df)(x)=f(x) is an unbounded operator.

All we need to prove is that there exists a succession of functions fnC([-1,1]) such that |D(fn)||fn| is divergent as n



Clearly |fn|=fn(0)=1

To find |Dfn| we need to find the extrema of the derivative of fn, to do that calculate the second derivative and equal it to zero. However for the task at hand a crude estimate will be enough.


So we finally get


showing that the derivative operator is indeed unboundedPlanetmathPlanetmath since 2n2e is divergent as n.

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