Dirichlet hyperbola method

Let f, g, and h be multiplicative functions such that f=g*h, where * denotes the convolution (http://planetmath.org/DirichletConvolution) of g and h. The Dirichlet hyperbola method (typically shortened to hyperbola method) is a way to nxf(n) by using the fact that f=g*h:


Note that, since ab=nx, not both of a and b can be larger than x. The Dirichlet hyperbola method follows from this fact as well as the inclusion-exclusion principleMathworldPlanetmath.

This method for calculating nxf(n) is advantageous when the sums in of g and h are easier to handle and when |g(n)-h(n)| is relatively small for most n.

As an example, the sum nxτ(n) will be calculated using the Dirichlet hyperbola method.

Note that τ=1*1. Thus:


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