discrete cosine transform

The discrete cosine transforms (DCT) are a family of transforms closely related to the discrete sine transform and the discrete Fourier transformMathworldPlanetmath. The DCT-II is the most commonly used form and plays an important role in coding signals and images [2], e.g. in the widely used standard JPEG compression. The discrete cosine transform was first introduced by Ahmed, Natarajan, and Rao [5]. Later Wang and Hunt [6] introduced the set of variants.

The DCT is included in many mathematical packages, such as Matlab, Mathematica and GNU Octave.

1 Definition

The orthonormal variants of the DCT, where xn is the original vector of N real numbers, Ck is the transformed vector of N real numbers and δ is the Kronecker delta, are defined by the following equations:

1.1 DCT-I

CkI = pkn=0N-1xnqncosπnkN-1  k=0,1,2,,N-1
pk = 2-δk,0-δk,N-1N-1
qn = 11+δn,0+δn,N-1

The DCT-I is its own inverse.

1.2 DCT-II

CkII = pkn=0N-1xncosπ(n+12)kN  k=0,1,2,,N-1
pk = 2-δk,0N

The inverse of DCT-II is DCT-III.


CkIII = pn=0N-1xnqncosπn(k+12)N  k=0,1,2,,N-1
p = 2N
qn = 11+δn,0

The inverse of DCT-III is DCT-II.

1.4 DCT-IV

CkIV = pn=0N-1xncosπ(n+12)(k+12)N  k=0,1,2,,N-1
p = 2N

The DCT-IV is its own inverse.

1.5 DCT-V

CkV = pkn=0N-1xnqncosπnkN-12  k=0,1,2,,N-1
pk = 2-δk,0N-12
qn = 11+δn,0

The DCT-V is its own inverse.

1.6 DCT-VI

CkVI = pkn=0N-1xnqncosπ(n+12)kN-12  k=0,1,2,,N-1
pk = 2-δk,0N-12
qn = 11+δn,N-1

The inverse of DCT-VI is DCT-VII.


CkVII = pkn=0N-1xnqncosπn(k+12)N-12  k=0,1,2,,N-1
pk = 2-δk,N-1N-12
qn = 11+δn,0

The inverse of DCT-VII is DCT-VI.


CkVII = pn=0N-1xncosπ(n+12)(k+12)N+12  k=0,1,2,,N-1
p = 2N+12

The DCT-VIII is its own inverse.

2 Two-dimensional DCT

The DCT in two dimensionsMathworldPlanetmath is simply the one-dimensional transform computed in each row and each column. For example, the DCT-II of a N1×N2 matrix is given by

Ck1,k2II = pk1pk2n1=0N1-1n2=0N2-1xn1,n2cosπ(n1+12)k1N1cosπ(n2+12)k2N2


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