distribution function

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Let F:. Then F is a distribution functionMathworldPlanetmath if

  1. 1.

    F is nondecreasing,

  2. 2.

    F is continuous from the right,

  3. 3.

    limx-F(x)=0, and limxF(x)=1.

As an example, suppose that Ω= and that is the σ-algebra of Borel subsets of . Let P be a probability measureMathworldPlanetmath on (Ω,). Define F by


This particular F is called the distribution function of P. It is easy to verify that 1,2, and 3 hold for this F.

In fact, every distribution function is the distribution function of some probability measure on the Borel subsets of . To see this, suppose that F is a distribution function. We can define P on a single half-open interval by


and extend P to unions of disjoint intervals by


and then further extend P to all the Borel subsets of . It is clear that the distribution function of P is F.

0.1 Random Variables

Suppose that (Ω,,P) is a probability space and X:Ω is a random variableMathworldPlanetmath. Then there is an induced probability measure PX on defined as follows:


for every Borel subset E of . PX is called the distributionPlanetmathPlanetmath of X. The distribution function of X is


The distribution function of X is also known as the law of X. Claim: FX = the distribution function of PX.

FX(x) = P(ω|X(ω)x)
= P(X-1((-,x])
= PX((-,x])
= F(x).

0.2 Density Functions

Suppose that f: is a nonnegative function such that


Then one can define F: by


Then it is clear that F satisfies the conditions 1,2,and 3 so F is a distribution function. The function f is called a density function for the distribution F.

If X is a discrete random variable with density function f and distribution function F then

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