Dunkl-Williams inequality

Let V be an inner product spaceMathworldPlanetmath and a,bV. If a0 and b0, then

a-b12(a+b)aa-bb. (1)

Equality holds if and only if a=0, b=0, a=b or ab=ba. In fact, if (1) holds and V is a normed linear space, then V is an inner product space.

If X is a normed linear space and a0 and b0 then

a-b14(a+b)aa-bb. (2)

Equality holds if and only if a=0, b=0 or a=b. The constant 14 is best possible. For example, let X be the set of ordered pairs of real numbers, with norm of (x1,x2) equal to |x1|+|x2|. Let a=(1,ϵ) and b=(1,0) where ϵ is a small positive number. After a bit of routine calculation, it is easily seen that the best possible constant is 14.

The inequalityMathworldPlanetmath (2) has been generalized in the case where X is a normed linear space over the reals. In that case one can show:

a-bcp(ap+bp)1/paa-bb (3)

where cp=2-1-1/p if 0<p1 and cp=1/4 if p1. The case p=1 is the Dunkl and Williams inequality.

If X is a normed linear space and 0<p1 then (3) holds with cp=2-1/p if and only if X is an inner product space.

The inequality (2) can be improved slightly to get:

a-b12max(a,b)aa-bb. (4)

Equality holds in (4) if and only if a and b span an 21 in the underlying real vector space with ±b-a-1(b-a) and ±a-1a (or ±b-1b) as the vertices of the unit parallelogram.


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