An endpointMathworldPlanetmath of a line segmentMathworldPlanetmath L is a point that belongs to the boundary of L. Note that every line segment has two distinct endpoints. For example, if V is a vector space and a,bV with b0, then the endpoints of the line segment L={a+tb:t[0,1]} are a and a+b.


Note that the endpoints of the open line segment L={a+tb:t(0,1)} are also a and a+b.


Endpoints can be defined in a manner for other geometric . These include rays, arcs (http://planetmath.org/PathConnected), and intervals (http://planetmath.org/Interval).

  • Rays have one endpoint.

  • have two endpoints.

  • can have zero, one, or two endpoints, depending on whether they are bounded above and/or below. See the entry on intervals (http://planetmath.org/Interval) for more details.

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