Erdős-Heilbronn conjecture

Let Ap be a set of residues modulo p, and let h be a positive integer, then

hA={a1+a2++aha1,a2,,ah are distinct elements of A}

has cardinality at least min(p,hk-h2+1). This was conjectured by Erdős and Heilbronn in 1964[1]. The first proof was given by Dias da Silva and Hamidoune in 1994.


  • 1 Paul Erdős and Hans Heilbronn. On the addition of residue classesMathworldPlanetmath modp. Acta Arith., 9:149–159, 1964. 0156.04801.
  • 2 Melvyn B. Nathanson. Additive Number Theory: Inverse Problems and Geometry of Sumsets, volume 165 of GTM. Springer, 1996. 0859.11003.
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