Evelyn Nelson

Evelyn Merle Nelson née Evelyn Merle Roden (1943 - 1987) Canadian mathematician, best known for her work in theoretical computer science.

Born in Ontario of Russian immigrants, young Evelyn’s education began at a high school in her native town and continued at the University of Toronto, then returned to her home town to study at McMaster University, where she began researching after earning her .D. and later taught in the computer science department.

Nelson has Erdős number (http://planetmath.org/ErdHosNumber) 2. With Saharon Shelah and Alan Mekler she published an article on “A variety with solvable, but not uniformly solvable, word problem” in the Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society of 1993, while Shelah co-authored with Erdős a paper on the “Separability properties of almost-disjoint families of sets” in the Israel Journal of Mathematics 12.

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