every locally integrable function is a distribution

Suppose U is an open set in n and f is a locally integrable function on U, i.e., fLloc1(U). Then the mapping

u Uf(x)u(x)𝑑x

is a zeroth order distribution. (See parent entry for notation 𝒟(U).)

(proof) (http://planetmath.org/T_fIsADistributionOfZerothOrder)

If f and g are both locally integrable functions on an open set U, and Tf=Tg, then it follows (see this page (http://planetmath.org/TheoremForLocallyIntegrableFunctions)), that f=g almost everywhere. Thus, the mapping fTf is a linear injectionMathworldPlanetmath when Lloc1 is equipped with the usual equivalence relationMathworldPlanetmath for an Lp-space. For this reason, one usually writes f for the distribution Tf.

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