example of improper integral

The integrand of

I=∫01arctan⁡xx⁢1-x2⁢𝑑x (1)

is undefined both at the lower and the upper limitMathworldPlanetmath.  However, the value of the improper integral exists and may be found via the more general integral

I⁢(y)=∫01arctan⁡x⁢yx⁢1-x2⁢𝑑x. (2)

Denote the integrand of (2) by  f⁢(x,y).  For any fixed real value y,

f⁢(x,y)∈O⁢(1)⁢ as ⁢x→0,f⁢(x,y)∈O⁢(11-x2)⁢ as ⁢x→1,

where the Landau big ordo (http://planetmath.org/formaldefinitionoflandaunotation) notation has been used.  Accordingly, the integralDlmfPlanetmath (2) converges for every y.

The inequalityMathworldPlanetmath


and the convergence of the integral


imply that the integral

∫01∂⁡f⁢(x,y)∂⁡y⁢𝑑x (3)

http://planetmath.org/node/6277converges uniformly on the whole y-axis and equals I′⁢(y).  For expressing this derivative in a closed formMathworldPlanetmath (http://planetmath.org/ExpressibleInClosedForm), one may utilise the changes of variable (http://planetmath.org/ChangeOfVariableInDefiniteIntegral)


which yield

I′⁢(y)  =∫01d⁢x(1+x2⁢y2)⁢1-x2=∫0π2d⁢φ1+y2⁢cos2⁡φ



and the integral (1) equals  I=I⁢(1)=π2⁢ln⁡(1+2),  i.e.

∫01arctan⁡xx⁢1-x2⁢𝑑x=π2⁢ln⁡(1+2). (4)
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