examples of normal form games

A few example normal form games:

Prisoner’s dilemmaMathworldPlanetmath

Probably the most famous game theoryMathworldPlanetmath example, the prisoner’s dilemma is a two player game where S1=S2=C,D and:

u1(s1,s2)={5 if s1=C and s2=C10 if s1=D and s2=C-5 if s1=C and s2=D0 if s1=D and s2=D
u2(s1,s2)={5 if s1=C and s2=C10 if s1=C and s2=D-5 if s1=D and s2=C0 if s1=D and s2=D

Traditionally this is interpreted as the case of two criminal partners separately being interrogated and asked to give up the other partner. C stands for cooperating (with their partners) by refusing to give up information, and D stands for defecting and agreeing to testify against the partner. The different payoffs reflect different jail sentencesMathworldPlanetmath, ranging from nothing (+10) to a long jail sentence (-5), with amounts in between depending on the evidence against them.

The (much more convenient) normal form is: C D C 5,5 -5,10 D 10,-5 0,0

Notice that (C,C) Pareto dominates (D,D), however (D,D) is the only Nash equilibriumMathworldPlanetmath.

Battle of the Sexes

Another traditional two player game. The normal form is: O F O 2,1 0,0 F 0,0 1,2

A Degenerate Example

One more, rather pointless, example which illustrates a game where one player has no choice:

A 2,100 1,7 14,-5


A game which illustrates an infiniteMathworldPlanetmath (indeed, uncountable) strategy space. There are two players and S1=S2=+.

u1(s1,s2)={1 if s1<s20 if s1s2
u2(s1,s2)={1 if s2<s10 if s2s1
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