factors with minus sign

The sign (cf. plus sign, opposite number) rule

(+a)(-b)=-(ab), (1)

derived in the parent entry (http://planetmath.org/productofnegativenumbers) and concerning numbers and elements a, b of an arbitrary ring, may be generalised to the following

Theorem.  If the sign of one factor (http://planetmath.org/Product) in a ring product is changed, the sign of the product changes.

Corollary 1.  The product of real numbers is equal to the product of their absolute valuesMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath equipped with the “-” sign if the number of negative factors is odd and with “+” sign if it is even. Especially, any odd power of a negative real number is negative and any even power of it is positive.

Corollary 2.  Let us consider natural powers of a ring element. If one changes the sign of the base, then an odd power changes its sign but an even power remains unchanged:

(-a)2n+1=-a2n+1,(-a)2n=a2n  (n)
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