factor theorem

If f(x) is a polynomialMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath over a ring with identity, then x-a is a factor if and only if a is a root (that is, f(a)=0).

This theorem is of great help for finding factorizations of higher degree polynomials. As example, let us think that we need to factor the polynomial p(x)=x3+3x2-33x-35. With some help of the rational root theorem we can find that x=-1 is a root (that is, p(-1)=0), so we know (x+1) must be a factor of the polynomial. We can write then


where the polynomial q(x) can be found using long or synthetic divisionMathworldPlanetmath of p(x) between x-1. In our case q(x)=x2+2x-35 which can be easily factored as (x-5)(x+7). We conclude that

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