Floyd’s algorithm

Floyd’s algorithmMathworldPlanetmath is also known as the all pairs shortest path algorithm. It will compute the shortest path between all possible pairs of vertices in a (possibly weighted) graph or digraphMathworldPlanetmath simultaneously in O(n3) time (where n is the number of vertices in the graph).

Algorithm Floyd(V)
Input: A weighted graph or digraph with vertices V
Output: A matrix cost of shortest paths and a matrix pred of predecessors in the shortest path

for (a,b)V2 do
          if adjacent(a,b) then


pred(a,b)a else



for cV do
          for (a,b)V2 do

if cost(a,c)< and cost(c,b)< then

if cost(a,b)= or cost(a,c)+cost(c,b)<cost(a,b) then



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