flux of vector field



be a vector field in 3  and let a be a portion of some surface in the vector field.  Define one ; if a is a closed surface, then the of it.  For any surface element da of a, the corresponding vectoral surface element is


where n is the unit normal vector on the of da.

The flux of the vector U through the surface a is the


Remark.  One can imagine that U represents the velocity vector of a flowing liquid; suppose that the flow is , i.e. the velocity U depends only on the location, not on the time.  Then the scalar productMathworldPlanetmath Uda is the volume of the liquid flown per time-unit through the surface element da; it is positive or negative depending on whether the flow is from the negative to the positive or contrarily.

Example.  Let  U=xi+2yj+3zk  and a be the portion of the plane  x+y+x=1  in the first octant (x0,y0,z0) with the away from the origin.

One has the constant unit normal vector:


The flux of U through a is


However, this surface integral may be converted to one in which a is replaced by its projection (http://planetmath.org/ProjectionOfPoint) A on the xy-plane, and da is then similarly replaced by its projection dA;


where α is the angle between the normals of both surface elements, i.e. the angle between n and k:


Then we also express z on a with the coordinatesMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath x and y:

φ=13A(x+2y+3(1-x-y))3𝑑A=01(01-x(3-2x-y)𝑑y)𝑑x= 1
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