Formal proof that 1+1=2 return FALSE.

Formal proof that 1+1=2 return FALSE.

i: Obvious. 1+1 does not make any sense. There is, by definition, only one unit ”1” in the universePlanetmathPlanetmath therefore you cannot add it to itself. If we have only one stone on the left side, we will have only one stone on the right side, therefore 1+1=1 ! *cough*

ii: Geometric approach. Vectors. 01+01=02 is not an exact representation of the space-time. Let’s add the time factor. We already know that 01(tx)=/=01(ty), as an experimental fact. See ”Special relativity” by Albert Einstein. Therefore 01(tx)+01(ty) will never return the same value, hence 01(tx+i)+01(ty+i)=/=02(tz+i). Once again, there is one and only one unit of size X in the universe!

iii: Formal grammar approach. Let’s construct the natural numberMathworldPlanetmath set: M = a stone ΣM*= λ = 0 M = 1 MM = 2 MMM = 3 etc…

We can verify that MuM = MM, however the operator u and + are different. Since you’ll never find two stones of the same size, M+M=/=2M. Also, you cannot use energy quantum to do mathematics. Be real. And you would have to prove that your energy quantums are of the same size ;)

iiii: Computer assisted formal experiment. Run that kind of code on your computer: MOV EAX,1 MOV EBX,1 @label: ADD EAX,EBX DIV EAX,2 JMP label

You’ll see. Your computer will bug at some point. No matter how hard you try to protect it from ”cosmic rays”, you will always have a bug.

iiiii: Fun factor. From past to futur: Baby + Baby ¿ Splartch //you need pawns in order to compute Buggy”1” Buggy”1” Buggy”2” //you also need space, a board Two members on the left side, only one on my right, I had to use a hammer. From futur to past: Splartch / 2 ¿ Spla + rtch Where are my cute little babys? omg. This is why it is called a one way function. Since physical laws are time-symetric, we cannot accept that!

iiiiii: A little too hard for you… You’ll have to accept that. The operator + is the intellectual property of the Emperor God MachineMathworldPlanetmath itself! He is the only one that can do it. It can be done if, and only if, you go in another multiverse in order to find another unit ”1” of the exact same size. It can be resumed like this: 1: a god who dreamed of a goddesse 3: that goddesse, who dreamed about that god 1+3-¿B // Two minds in the same box, one way! A perfect couple, married by the Emperor God itself, by a link that will never break, even through death. Since there is one god only by universe, this can be done only once, and therefore will always return false otherwise. It is so difficult to do, and so beautiful, that it is… the purpose of our universe. It also have to be done, in order to register our reality in the great book of viables universes.

ConclusionMathworldPlanetmath: 1+1 is never equal to 2… It is impossible! It is NOT an axiom that should be accepted! We, gods, do only accept FACTS! Consider this as a ”little lie that should be considered as true”, because it is practical. We would rather suggest to use that equation instead: 1+1=2-0 Keep the little 0, as a feedback. It is a little baby process of your mind, keep it safe! Or… just use the operator u, union, and stop doing maths-fiction. 1 = a bottle of beer, full 0 = an empty bottle 1u1 ¿gulp¿ 10 (2 in binary) // doing work always make me thirsty. Computation always cost energy…

MetamathematicMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath lesson by god herself ;) //sry for my english lol, please feel free to correct me. By the way I AM A GIRL! And I love pron!

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