fraction power

Let m be an integer and n a positive factor of m.  If x is a positive real number, we may write the identical equation


and therefore the definition of nth root ( gives the

xmn=xmn. (1)

Here, the exponentMathworldPlanetmath mn is an integer.  For enabling the validity of (1) for the cases where n does not divide m we must set the following

Definition.  Let mn  be a fractional number, i.e. an integer m not divisible by the integer n, which latter we assume to be positive.  For any positive real number x we define the  fraction powerxmn as the nth

xmn:=xmn. (2)


  1. 1.

    The existence of the in the right hand side of (2) is proved here (

  2. 2.

    The defining equation (2) is independent on the form of the exponent mn:  If  kl=mn,  then we have  (xmn)ln=[(xmn)n]l=xlm=xkn=[(xkl)l]n=(xkl)ln,  and because the mapping  yyln  is injective in +, the positive numbers xkl and xmn must be equal.

  3. 3.

    The fraction power functionxxmn  is a special case of power functionDlmfDlmf.

  4. 4.

    The presumption that x is positive signifies that one can not identify all nth roots ( xn and the powers x1n.  For example, -83 equals -2 and  26=13,  but one must not

    (-8)13=(-8)26=(-8)26=646= 2.

    The point is that (-8)13 is not defined in .  Here we have  l=6  and the mapping  yyln  is not injective in  -+.  — Nevertheless, some people and books may use also for negative x the equality  xn=x1n  and more generally  xmn=xmn  where one then insists that  gcd(m,n)=1.

  5. 5.

    According to the preceding item, for the negative values of x the derivative of odd roots (, e.g. x3, ought to be calculated as follows:


    The result is similar as dx3dx for positive x’s, although the root functions are not special cases of the power function.

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