Gaussian polynomials

For an indeterminate q and integers nm0 we define the following:

(a) (m)q=qm-1+qm-2++1 for m>0,

(b) (m!)q=(m)q(m-1)q(1)q for m>0, and (0!)q=1,

(c) (nm)q=(n!)q(m!)q((n-m)!)q. If m>n then we define (nm)q=0.

Note: if we replace q with 1, then we obtain the familiar integers, factorialsMathworldPlanetmath, and binomial coefficients. Specifically,

(a) (m)1=m,

(b) (m!)1=m!,

(c) (nm)1=(nm).

(d) (mm)q=1.

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