generating function for the reciprocal central binomial coefficients

It is well known that the sequenceMathworldPlanetmath called central binomial coefficientsMathworldPlanetmath is defined by (2nn) and whose initial terms are 1,2,6,20,70,252, has a generating function 11-4x. But it is less known the fact that the function


has ordinary power series


This means that such a function is a generating function for the reciprocals (2nn)-1.

From that expression we can see that the numerical series n=0(2nn)-1 sums 4(3+π6)33 which has the approximate value 1,7363998587187151.


1) Renzo Sprugnoli, Sum of reciprocals of the Central Binomial Coefficients, Integers: electronic journal of combinatorial number theory, 6 (2006) A27, 1-18

Title generating function for the reciprocal central binomial coefficients
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