geometric series

A geometric seriesMathworldPlanetmath is a series of the form


(with a and r real or complex numbersPlanetmathPlanetmath). The partial sums of a geometric series are given by

sn=i=1nari-1=a(1-rn)1-r. (1)

An infinite geometric series is a geometric series, as above, with n. It is denoted by


If |r|1, the infinite geometric series diverges. Otherwise it converges to

i=1ari-1=a1-r (2)

Taking the limit of sn as n, we see that sn diverges if |r|1. However, if |r|<1, sn approaches (2).

One way to prove (1) is to take


and multiply by r, to get


subtracting the two removes most of the terms:


factoring and dividing gives us


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