Givens rotation

Let A be an m×n matrix with mn and full rank (viz. rank n). An orthogonal matrixMathworldPlanetmath triangularization (QR DecompositionMathworldPlanetmath) consists of determining an m×m orthogonal matrix Q such that


with the n×n upper triangular matrixMathworldPlanetmath R. One only has then to solve the triangular system Rx=Py, where P consists of the first n rows of Q.

Householder transformations clear whole columns except for the first element of a vector. If one wants to clear parts of a matrix one element at a time, one can use Givens rotation, which is particularly practical for parallel implementation .

A matrix


with properly chosen c=cos(φ) and s=sin(φ) for some rotationMathworldPlanetmath angle φ can be used to zero the element aki. The elements can be zeroed column by column from the bottom up in the following order:


Q is then the product of g=(2m-n-1)n2 Givens matrices Q=G1G2Gg.

To annihilate the bottom element of a 2×1 vector:


the conditions sa+cb=0 and c2+s2=1 give:


For “Fast Givens”, see [Golub89].


  • Originally from The Data Analysis Briefbook (

  • Golub89

    Gene H. Golub and Charles F. van Loan: Matrix Computations, 2nd edn., The John Hopkins University Press, 1989.

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