graded ring

Let S be a groupoid (semigroup,group) and let R be a ring (not necessarily with unity) which can be expressed as a R=sSRs of additive subgroups Rs of R with sS. If RsRtRst for all s,tS then we say that R is groupoid graded (semigroup-graded, group-graded) ring.

We refer to R=sSRs as an S-grading of R and the subgroups Rs as the s-components of R. If we have the stronger condition that RsRt=Rst for all s,tS, then we say that the ring R is strongly graded by S.

Any element rs in Rs (where sS) is said to be homogeneous of degree s. Each element rR can be expressed as a unique and finite sum r=sSrs of homogeneous elementsPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath rsRs.

For any subset GS we have RG=gGRg. Similarly rG=gGrg. If G is a subsemigroup of S then RG is a subring of R. If G is a left (right, two-sided) ideal of S then RG is a left (right, two-sided) ideal of R.

Some examples of graded rings include:
Polynomial rings
Ring of symmetric functions
Generalised matrix rings
Morita contexts
Ring of Hirota derivatives
group ringsMathworldPlanetmath
filtered algebras

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