Grapher is a software graphing calculator that comes bundled with the Apple Mac OS Xoperating system. It can graph 2-dimensional equations like y=sinx, as well as 3-dimensional equations like z=y3x2+y2 (Cartan’s umbrella, illustrated below).

Equations to be graphed can be entered in Cartesian form or in parametric form, polar coordinatesMathworldPlanetmath, logarithmic, etc. The program automatically “typesets” the formulas as they are entered, for example, converting x^2 to x2 or 1/x to 1x. The program can create animations, and one can also move a graph or rotate it (just by dragging it, for 3D graphs; for 2D graphs one must first select the Move Tool).

In a default installation, the program is in the Utilities subfolder of the Applications folder. Mac OS 9 had a similarMathworldPlanetmath program, called Graphing Calculator, which was also capable of graphing 2D and 3D equations as well as animations.


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