growth of exponential function



for all values of a.

Proof.  Let ε be any positive number.  Then we get:


as soon as  x>max{1,(a+1)!ε}.  Here, the ceiling function;  ex has been estimated downwards by taking only one of the all positive



The of the real exponential functionDlmfDlmfMathworldPlanetmath   xbx   exceeds all power functionsDlmfDlmfPlanetmath, i.e.


with a and b any ,  b>1.

Proof.  Since  lnb>0,  we obtain by using the lemma the result


Corollary 1.limx0+xlnx=0.

Proof.  According to the lemma we get


Corollary 2.limxlnxx=0.

Proof.  Change in the lemma  x  to  lnx.

Corollary 3.limxx1x=1.   (Cf. limit of nth root of n.)

Proof.  By corollary 2, we can write:  x1x=elnxxe0=1  as  x (see also theorem 2 in limit rules of functions).

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