hollow matrix rings

1 Definition

Definition 1.

Suppose that RS are both rings. The hollow matrix ring of (R,S) is the ring of matrices:


It is easy to check that this forms a ring under the usual matrix additionMathworldPlanetmath and multiplication. This definition is slightly simplified from the obvious higher dimensional examples and the transposeMathworldPlanetmath of these matrices will also qualify as a hollow matrix ring.

The hollow matrix rings are highly counter-intuitive despite their simple definition. In particular, they can be used to prove that in general a ring’s left idealMathworldPlanetmath structure need not relate to its right ideal structure. We highlight a few examples of this.

2 Left/Right Artinian and Noetherian

We specialize to an example with the fields and , though the same argument can be made in much more general settings.

R:=[0]={[ab0c]:a,b,c}. (1)
Claim 2.

Let I be a left ideal of R and suppose that r:=[xy0z]I for some x,y and z.

Suppose that z0. Hence, sq:=[000q/z]R for each q and so sqr=[000q]I for all q. In particular, [xy00]=r-s1rI. So in all cases it follows that [xy00]I. So now we take r=[xy00] and assume that I does not contain any r with z0. By observing matrix multiplication it follows that I is now a left -vector spaceMathworldPlanetmath, and so any chain of left R-modules is a chain of subspacesPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath. As dimI2, it follows that such chains are finite.

Hence, there can be no infinite descending chain of distinct left ideals and so R is left Artinian and Noetherian. ∎

Claim 3.

R is not right Artinian nor right Noetherian.


Using π (the usual 3.14), or any other transcendental numberMathworldPlanetmath, we define

In:=[0[π;n]00], (2)


[π;n]:={q(π)πn:q(x)[x]}. (3)

Since [π;n] properly contains [π;n+1] for all n, it follows that {In:n} is an infinite proper ascending and descending chain of right ideals. Therefore, R is neither right Artinian nor right Noetherian. ∎

Corollary 4.

R does not have a ring anti-isomorphism. Thus R is not an involutory ring.


If R is a ring with an anti-isomorphism, then the set of left ideals is mapped to the set of right ideals, bijectively and order preserving. This is not possible with R. ∎

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