holomorphically convex

Let Gn be a domain, or alternatively for a more general definition let G be an n dimensional complex analytic manifold. Further let 𝒪(G) stand for the set of holomorphic functionsMathworldPlanetmath on G.


Let KG be a compact set. We define the holomorphically of K as

K^G:={zG|f(z)|supwK|f(w)| for all f𝒪(G)}.

The domain G is called holomorphically convex if for every KG compact in G, K^G is also compact in G. Sometimes this is just abbreviated as holomorph-convex.

Note that when n=1, any domain G is holomorphically convex since when n=1 K^G=K for all compact KG. Also note that this is the same as being a domain of holomorphy.


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