hyperbolic functions

The hyperbolic functionsDlmfMathworldPlanetmath sinh (sinus hyperbolicus) and cosh (cosinus hyperbolicus) with arbitrary complex argument x are defined as follows:

sinhx := ex-e-x2,
coshx := ex+e-x2.

One can then also also define the functionsMathworldPlanetmath tanh (tangens hyperbolica) and coth (cotangens hyperbolica) in analogy to the definitions of tan and cot:

tanhx := sinhxcoshx=ex-e-xex+e-x,
cothx := coshxsinhx=ex+e-xex-e-x.

We further define the sech and csch:

sechx := 1coshx=2ex+e-x,
cschx := 1sinhx=2ex-e-x,

where coshx resp. sinhx is not 0.

Figure 1: Graphs of the hyperbolic functions.

The hyperbolic functions are named in that way because the hyperbola


can be written in parametrical form with the equations:


This is because of the equation


There are also addition formulasPlanetmathPlanetmath which are like the ones for trigonometric functionsDlmfMathworldPlanetmath:

sinh(x±y) = sinhxcoshy±coshxsinhy
cosh(x±y) = coshxcoshy±sinhxsinhy.

The Taylor seriesMathworldPlanetmath for the hyperbolic functions are:

sinhx = n=0x2n+1(2n+1)!
coshx = n=0x2n(2n)!.

There are the following between the hyperbolic and the trigonometric functions:

sinx = sinh(ix)i
cosx = cosh(ix).
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