interactive animation graphics

1 Interactive animation graphics with LiveGraphics3D

For large and/or complex graphics objects LiveGraphics3D seems to offer some useful solutions. A few examples follow: by clicking on the links one can see in real time, interactively the rotation of fairly complex molecules. The conversion of graphics 3D objects

  • kraus/LiveGraphics3D/examples/molecules.htmlTwo molecules: created with MathematicaTM, and then with LiveGraphics3D by Martin Kraus

  • kraus/LiveGraphics3D/examples/molecule2.htmlDNA Fragment Interactive Animation : As usual click and hold the mouse button down while moving the mouse around, and the DNA fragment molecule will follow the mouse position! If mouse button is released over the image the molecular fragment will jump up and down in a dance-like motion, or spin around!

  • Graphics with Mathematica

  • Parametric Probability Distributions with Mathematica 8

  • Converting Graphics3D Objects: “in order to display any Graphics3D, ContourGraphics, DensityGraphics, or SurfaceGraphics object with LiveGraphics3D, it has to be converted into an appropriate InputForm. This is can be done with the function LiveForm defined in the LiveGraphics3D documentation package. The function also converts lists of Graphics3D objects to animations and replaces all SequenceForms into StringForms to avoid problems with the formatting of SequenceForm.”

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