Kronecker’s lemma

Kronecker’s lemma gives a condition for convergence of partial sums of real numbers, and for example can be used in the proof of Kolmogorov’s strong law of large numbersMathworldPlanetmath.

Lemma (Kronecker).

Let x1,x2, and 0<b1<b2< be sequences of real numbers such that bn increases to infinityMathworldPlanetmath as n. Suppose that the sum n=1xn/bn convergesPlanetmathPlanetmath to a finite limit. Then, bn-1k=1nxk0 as n.


Set un=k=1nxk/bk, so that the limit u=limnun exists. Also set an=k=1n-1(bk+1-bk)uk so that


as n. Then, the Stolz-Cesaro theorem says that an/bn also converges to u, so


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