limit of sinxx as x approaches 0

Theorem 1.

x<tanx for 0<x<π2.


First, let 0<x<π2. Then 0<cosx<1. Note also that

x<tanx. (1)

Multiplying both of this inequalityMathworldPlanetmath by cosx yields

xcosx<sinx. (2)

By this theorem (,

sinx<x. (3)

Combining inequalities (2) and (3) gives

xcosx<sinx<x. (4)

Dividing by x yields

cosx<sinxx<1. (5)

Now let -π2<x<0. Then 0<-x<π2. Plugging -x into inequality (5) gives

cos(-x)<sin(-x)-x<1. (6)

Since cos is an even functionMathworldPlanetmath and sin is an odd function, we have

cosx<-sinx-x<1. (7)

Therefore, inequality (5) holds for all real x with 0<|x|<π2.

Since cos is continuousMathworldPlanetmath, limx0cosx=cos0=1. Thus,

1=limx0cosxlimx0sinxxlimx01=1. (8)

By the squeeze theorem, it follows that limx0sinxx=1. ∎

Note that the above limit is also valid if x is considered as a complex variable.

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