maximal element

Let be an orderingMathworldPlanetmath on a set S, and let AS. Then, with respect to the ordering ,

  • aA is the least element of A if ax, for all xA.

  • aA is a minimalPlanetmathPlanetmath element of A if there exists no xA such that xa and xa.

  • aA is the greatest element of A if xa for all xA.

  • aA is a maximal element of A if there exists no xA such that ax and xa.


  • The natural numbersMathworldPlanetmath ordered by divisibility () have a least element, 1. The natural numbers greater than 1 ({1}) have no least element, but infinitely many minimal elements (the primes.) In neither case is there a greatest or maximal element.

  • The negative integers ordered by the standard definition of have a maximal element which is also the greatest element, -1. They have no minimal or least element.

  • The natural numbers ordered by the standard have a least element, 1, which is also a minimal element. They have no greatest or maximal element.

  • The rationals greater than zero with the standard ordering have no least element or minimal element, and no maximal or greatest element.

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