Mellin’s inverse formula

It may be proven, that if a function F(s) has the inverse Laplace transform f(t), i.e. a piecewise continuous and exponentially real function f satisfying the condition


then f(t) is uniquely determined when not regarded as different such functions which differ from each other only in a point set having Lebesgue measure zero.

The inverse Laplace transform is directly given by Mellin’s inverse formula


by the Finn R. H. Mellin (1854—1933).  Here it must be integrated along a straight line parallelMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath to the imaginary axisMathworldPlanetmath and intersecting the real axis in the point γ which must be chosen so that it is greater than the real parts of all singularities of F(s).

In practice, computing the complex integral can be done by using the Cauchy residue theorem.

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