minimal and maximal number

Let’s consider a finite non-empty set  A={a1,,an}   of real numbers or an infinite but compact (i.e. bounded and closed) set A of real numbers.  In both cases the set has a unique least number and a unique greatest number.

  • The least number of the set is denoted by  min{a1,,an}  or  minA.

  • The greatest number of the set is denoted by  max{a1,,an}  or  maxA.

In both cases we have


where  infA  and  supA  are the infimum and supremum of the set A.

The min and max are set functions, i.e. they map subsets of a certain set to .

The min and max have the following distributive properties with respect to addition:


The minimal and maximal number of a set of two real numbers obey the formulae

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