momentum map

Let (M,ω) be a symplectic manifoldMathworldPlanetmath, G a Lie group acting on that manifoldMathworldPlanetmath, 𝔤 its Lie algebraMathworldPlanetmath, and 𝔤* the dual of the Lie algebra. This action induces a map α:𝔤𝔛(M) where 𝔛(M) is the Lie algebra of vector fields on M, such that exp(tX)(m)=ρt(m) where ρ is the flow of α(X). Then a moment map μ:M𝔤* for the action of G is a map such that


Here μ(X)(m)=μ(m)(X), that is, μ(m) is a covector, so we apply it to the vector X and get a scalar function μ(X), and Hμ(X) is its Hamiltonian vector field.

Generally, the moment maps we are interested in are equivariant with respect to the coadjoint action, that is, they satisfy

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