negative hypergeometric random variable, example of

Suppose you have 7 black marbles and 10 white marbles in a jar. You pull marbles until you have 3 black marbles in your hand. X would represent the number of white marbles in your hand.

  • The expected valueMathworldPlanetmath of X would be E[X]=WbB+1=3(10)7+1=3.75

  • The varianceMathworldPlanetmath of X would be Var[X]=Wb(B-b+1)(W+B+1)(B+2)(B+1)2=10(3)(7-3+1)(10+7+1)(7+2)(7+1)2=1.875

  • The probability of having 3 white marbles would be fX(3)=(3+b-13)(W+B-b-3W-3)(W+BW)=(3+3-13)(10+7-3-310-3)(10+710)=0.1697

Title negative hypergeometric random variable, example of
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