normal form game

A normal form game is a game of complete information in which there is a list of n players, numbered 1,,n. Each player has a strategy set, Si and a utility functionPlanetmathPlanetmath ui:inSi.

In such a game each player simultaneously selects a move siSi and receives ui((s1,,sn)).

Normal form games with two players and finite strategy sets can be represented in normal formMathworldPlanetmath, a matrix where the rows each stand for an element of S1 and the columns for an element of S2. Each cell of the matrix contains an ordered pair which states the payoffs for each player. That is, the cell i,j contains (u1(si,sj),u2(si,sj)) where si is the i-th element of S1 and sj is the j-th element of S2.

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