parts of a ball

Let us consider in 3 a ball of radius r and the sphere bounding the ball.

  • Two parallel planesMathworldPlanetmath intersecting the ball separate between them from the ball a spherical segmentMathworldPlanetmath, which can also be called a spherical frustum (see the frustumMathworldPlanetmath).  The curved surface of the spherical segment is the spherical zone.

  • In the special case that one of the planes is a tangent plane of the sphere, the spherical segment is a spherical cap and the spherical zone is a spherical calotte.

  • The lateral surface of a circular cone with its apex in the centre ( of the ball divides the ball into two spherical sectors.

The distanceMathworldPlanetmath h of the two planes intersecting the ball be is called the height.

The volume of the spherical cap is obtained from


and the area of the corresponding spherical calotte and also a spherical zone from

A= 2πrh.

The volume of a spherical segment can be got as the difference of the volumes of two spherical caps.

The volume of a spherical sector may be calculated from


where h is the height of the spherical cap of the spherical sector.

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