polynomial equation of odd degree


The equation

a0xn+a1xn-1++an-1x+an=0 (1)

with odd degree n and real coefficients ai (a00) has at least one real root x.

Proof.  Denote by f(x) the left hand side of (1).  We can write


where  g(x):=a1x++an-1xn-1+anxn.  But we have  lim|x|g(x)=0  because


for all  i=1,,n.  Thus there exists an  M>0  such that


Accordingly  1+g(±M)>0  and


since n is odd.  Therefore the real polynomial function f has opposite signs in the end pointsPlanetmathPlanetmath of the intervalMathworldPlanetmath[-M,M].  Thus the continuity of f guarantees, according to Bolzano’s theorem, at least one zero x of f in that interval.  So (1) has at least one real root x.

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