positivity in ordered ring


If  (R,)  is an ordered ring, then it contains a subset R+ having the following :

  • R+ is under ring addition and, supposing that the ring contains no zero divisors, also under ring multiplication.

  • Every element r of R satisfies exactly one of the conditions   (1)r=0,    (2)rR+,    (3)-rR+.

Proof.  We take  R+={rR:  0<r}={rR:  0r 0r}.  Let  a,bR+.  Then   0<a,  0<b, and therefore we have  0<a+0<a+b,  i.e.  a+bR+.  If R has no zero-divisors, then also  ab0  and  0=a0<ab,  i.e.  abR+.  Let r be an arbitrary non-zero element of R.  Then we must have either  0<r  or  r<0  (not both) because R is totally orderedPlanetmathPlanetmath.  The latter alternative gives that  0=-r+r<-r+0=-r.  The both cases that either  rR+  or  -rR+.

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