proof of Martingale criterion

Let (τk)k1 be a localizing sequence of stopping times for X. Then:

Λ{τkn} ΛΩa.s.k,n

since {τkn}k1{τkn}n.

k=1{τkn} =Ωa.s., sinceτk,a.s.

Now assume EXn-<,nn0 (the case EXn+< being analogous).

1) We have EXn-<n.

We proceed by (backward) inductionMathworldPlanetmath. For n=n0 the statement holds.


(Xτk)- =(Xτkn-)nsubmartingale

We have:

{τkn}Xn-1-𝑑P ={τkn}Xτk(n-1)-𝑑P

Where the first to second line is the submartingale property and the last line follows by induction hypothesis.

Using Fatou we get:

Xn-1-𝑑P =limkXn-1-Λ{τkn}dP
lim infkXn-1-Λ{τkn}𝑑P

2) We have Xn1(n).

We have Xτkn+Xn+ a.s., k,n. With Fatou we get:

EXn+ lim infkEXτkn+
=EX0+lim infkEXτkn-
=EX0+lim infkE(j=0n-1Xj-Λ{τk=j}+Xn-Λ{τkn})

With 1) Xn1 follows.


X is a martingale, because XnτkXn a.s. k and:

|Xnτk| j=0n|Xj|1(1-bound)

Thus XnτkL1Xn,kn by bounded convergence theoremMathworldPlanetmath. Hence X must be martingale and we are done. ∎

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