proof of the dΓ©but theorem

Let (β„±)tβˆˆπ•‹ be a right-continuous filtration ( on the measurable spaceMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath (Ξ©,β„±), It is assumed that 𝕋 is a closed subset of ℝ and that β„±t is universally complete for each tβˆˆπ•‹.

If AβŠ†π•‹Γ—Ξ© is a progressively measurable set, then we show that its dΓ©but


is a stopping time.

As A is progressively measurable, the set A∩((-∞,t)Γ—Ξ©) is ℬ⁒(𝕋)Γ—β„±t-measurable. By the measurable projection theorem it follows that

{D(A)<t}={Ο‰βˆˆΞ©:(s,Ο‰)∈A∩((-∞,t)Γ—Ξ©)Β for someΒ sβˆˆπ•‹}

is in β„±t. If there exists a sequence tnβˆˆπ•‹ with tn>t and tnβ†’t, then


On the other hand, if t is not a right limit point of 𝕋 then


In either case, {D⁒(A)≀t} is in β„±t, so D⁒(A) is a stopping time.

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