Prosthaphaeresis formulas

The Prosthaphaeresis formulas convert sums of sines or cosines to products of them:

sinA+sinB = 2sin(A+B2)cos(A-B2)
sinA-sinB = 2sin(A-B2)cos(A+B2)
cosA+cosB = 2cos(A+B2)cos(A-B2)
cosA-cosB = -2sin(A+B2)sin(A-B2)

We prove the first two using the sine of a sum and sine of a difference formulas:

sin(X+Y) = sinXcosY+cosXsinY
sin(X-Y) = sinXcosY-cosXsinY

Adding or subtracting the two equations yields

sin(X+Y)+sin(X-Y) = 2sinXcosY
sin(X+Y)-sin(X-Y) = 2sinYcosX

If we let X=A+B2 and Y=A-B2, then X+Y=2A2=A and X-Y=2B2=B, and the last two equations become

sinA+sinB = 2sin(A+B2)cos(A-B2)
sinA-sinB = 2sin(A-B2)cos(A+B2)

as desired.

The last two can be proven similarly, this time using the cosine of a sum and cosine of a difference formulas:

cos(X+Y) = cosXcosY-sinXsinY
cos(X-Y) = cosXcosY+sinXsinY

Adding or subtracting the two equations yields

cos(X+Y)+cos(X-Y) = 2cosXcosY
cos(X+Y)-cos(X-Y) = -2sinYsinX

Again, if we let X=A+B2 and Y=A-B2, then X+Y=2A2=A and X-Y=2B2=B, and the last two equations become

cosA+cosB = 2cos(A+B2)cos(A-B2)
cosA-cosB = -2sin(A-B2)sin(A+B2)

as desired.


’Prosthaphaeresis’ comes from the Greek: “prosthesi” = addition + “afairo” = subtractionPlanetmathPlanetmath.

The Prosthaphaeresis formula cosxcosy=cos(x+y)+cos(x-y)2 was used by scientists to transform multiplication into addition. For example, to calculate the product ab, where 0<a,b<1 (for a and b outside of this range, it is a simple matter to multiply or divide by a factor of 10 and divide or multiply this back in later), one would let cosx=a and cosy=b. Using a table of cosines, one could then find an approximate value for x and y, then find x+y and x-y, and look up the cosines of the resulting two quantities (that is, cos(x+y) and cos(x-y)). The averageMathworldPlanetmath of these numbers is the desired product ab. This technique was used by Tycho Brahe to perform astronomical calculations.

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