p test

The following is an immediate corollary of the integral testMathworldPlanetmath.

Corollary (p-Test).

A series of the form n=11np converges if p>1 and diverges if p1.


The case p=1 is well-known, for n=11n is the harmonic seriesMathworldPlanetmath, which diverges (see this proof (http://planetmath.org/ProofOfDivergenceOfHarmonicSreies)). From now on, we assume p1 (notice that one could also use the integral test to prove the case p=1). In order to apply the integral test, we need to calculate the following improper integral:


Since limnnt diverges when t>0 and converges for t0, the integral above converges for 1-p<0, i.e. for p>1 and diverges for p<1 (and also diverges for p=1). Therefore, the corollary follows by the integral test. ∎

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