rank of an elliptic curve

Let K be a number fieldMathworldPlanetmath and let E be an elliptic curveMathworldPlanetmath over K. By E(K) we denote the set of points in E with coordinates in K.

Theorem 1 (Mordell-Weil).

The proof of this theorem is fairly involved. The main two ingredients are the so called “weak Mordell-Weil theorem” (see below), the concept of height function for abelian groups and the “descent” theorem.
See [2], Chapter VIII, page 189. ∎

Theorem 2 (Weak Mordell-Weil).

E(K)/mE(K) is finite for all m2.

The Mordell-Weil theoremMathworldPlanetmath implies that for any elliptic curve E/K the group of points has the following structure:


where Etorsion(K) denotes the set of points of finite order (or torsion groupPlanetmathPlanetmath), and R is a non-negative integer which is called the rank of the elliptic curve. It is not known how big this number R can get for elliptic curves over . The largest rank known for an elliptic curve over is 28 http://www.math.hr/ duje/tors/tors.htmlElkies (2006).

Note: see Mazur’s theorem for an account of the possible torsion subgroups over .


  1. 1.

    The elliptic curve E1/:y2=x3+6 has rank 0 and E1()0.

  2. 2.

    Let E2/:y2=x3+1, then E2()/6. The torsion group is generated by the point (2,3).

  3. 3.

    Let E3/:y2=x3+109858299531561, then E3()/35. See http://math.bu.edu/people/alozano/Torsion.htmlgeneratorsPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath here.

  4. 4.

    Let E4/:y2+1951/164xy-3222367/40344y=x3+3537/164x2-40302641/121032x, then E4()10. See http://math.bu.edu/people/alozano/Examples.htmlgenerators here.


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