rate of return

Suppose you invest P at time 0 and receive payments P1,,Pn at times t1,,tn corresponding to interest rates (evaluated from 0) r1,,rn. The net present value of this investment is


The rate of return r of this investment is a compound interest rate, compounded at every unit time period, such that the net present value of the investment is 0. In other words, if r, as a real number, exists, it satisfies the following equation:



  • We typically assume that  t1t2tn,  and, in most situations, that they are integers, so that the equation is a polynomial equation.

  • However, there is no guarantee that r exists, and if it exists, that it is unique.

  • Nevertheless, one can usually, by trial-and-error, determine if such an r exists. If r exists, and if Pi are all non-negative, then by Descartes’ rule of signs (http://planetmath.org/DescartesRuleOfSigns), r is always unique and r>-1.

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