reduction formulas for integration of powers

The following reduction formulas, with integer n and via integration by parts, may be used for lowing (n>0) or raising (n<0) the the powers:

  • sinnxdx=-1nsinn-1xcosx+n-1nsinn-2xdx  (n0)

  • cosnxdx=1ncosn-1xsinx+n-1ncosn-2xdx  (n0)

  • (lnx)ndx=x(lnx)n-n(lnx)n-1dx  (n0)

  • 1(1+x2)ndx=12n-2x(1+x2)n-1+2n-32n-21(1+x2)n-1dx(n>1)

Example.  For finding dxsin3x, we apply the first formula with  n:=-1,  getting first


From this we solve


(see integration of rational function of sine and cosine).

Note 1.  Instead of the two first formulae, it is simpler in the cases when n is a positive odd or a negative even numberMathworldPlanetmath to use the following
which may be found after making the powers on the right hand sides to polynomialsPlanetmathPlanetmath.

Note 2.tannxdx  (n+)  is obtained easily by the substitution (  tanx:=t,  dx=dtt2+1  and a division; e.g.

tan5xdx =t5t2+1𝑑t=(t3-t+tt2+1)𝑑t
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