relative interior

Let S be a subset of the n-dimensional Euclidean space n. The relative interior of S is the interior of S considered as a subset of its affine hull Aff(S), and is denoted by ri(S).

The differencePlanetmathPlanetmath between the interior and the relative interior of S can be illustrated in the following two examples. Consider the closed unit square


in 3. Its interior is , the empty setMathworldPlanetmath. However, its relative interior is


since Aff(I2) is the x-y plane {(x,y,0)x,y}. Next, consider the closed unit cube


in 3. The interior and the relative interior of I3 are the same:



  • As another example, the relative interior of a point is the point, whereas the interior of a point is .

  • It is true that if TS, then int(T)int(S). However, this is not the case for the relative interior operator ri, as shown by the above two examples: I2I3, but ri(I2)ri(I3)=.

  • The companion concept of the relative interior of a set S is the relative boundary of S: it is the boundary of S in Aff(S), denoted by rbd(S). Equivalently, rbd(S)=S¯-ri(S), where S¯ is the closure of S.

  • S is said to be relatively open if S=ri(S).

  • All of the definitions above can be generalized to convex sets in a topological vector spaceMathworldPlanetmath.

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