Riemann sum

Let I=[a,b] be a closed intervalMathworldPlanetmath, f:I be boundedPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath on I, n, and P={[x0,x1),[x1,x2),[xn-1,xn]} be a partition of I. The Riemann sumMathworldPlanetmath of f over I with respect to the partition P is defined as


where cj[xj-1,xj] is chosen arbitrary.

If cj=xj-1 for all j, then S is called a left Riemann sum.

If cj=xj for all j, then S is called a Riemann sum.

Equivalently, the Riemann sum can be defined as


where bj{f(x):x[xj-1,xj]} is chosen arbitrarily.

If bj=supx[xj-1,xj]f(x), then S is called an upper Riemann sum.

If bj=infx[xj-1,xj]f(x), then S is called a lower Riemann sum.

For some examples of Riemann sums, see the entry examples of estimating a Riemann integral.

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