Ronald Graham

Ronald Lewis Graham (1935 - ) American mathematician and juggler, perhaps best known for Graham’s number, husband of Fan Chung.

In 1962, Graham earned a Ph.D at the University of California-Berkeley. In 1972, he coauthored with Erdős a paper on the sums of terms of the Fibonacci sequenceMathworldPlanetmath in the Fibonacci Quarterly, giving him an Erdős number ( of 1. His most famous paper, however, came in 1977. Concerning itself with Ramsey theory, the paper gave a spectacularly large upper bound on the solution to one of the problems, which the Guinness Book of World Records acknowledged the next year as the largest number ever used in a professional mathematician’s paper, which came to be known as Graham’s number. (According to Wells, the solution could be as small as 6). Graham was president of the International Jugglers Union for a year.


  • 1 Wells, D. . The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers London: Penguin Group. (1987): 255 - 256
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