slope angle

The slope angle α of any line in 2 is the angle between ( the line and x-axis; in the case that the line is descending, the angle is negative. We always have that -90<α90.

For all non-vertical lines having a slope of m, the slope angle is


and we also have that


Below are some examples of slope angles of lines that intersect the x-axis.

...α|α|xxpositive αnegative α

In some mathematical works, the slope angle of a line in 2 is defined to be the angle measured from the positive x-axis to the line in the counterclockwise direction. This definition has some drawbacks because slope angles are then allowed to be obtuse but can no longer be negative. When this definition is used, the α=arctanm no longer holds. The convention in PlanetMath is to use the former definition.


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